Wigan Athletic Club Stadium

We’re sympathetic, but once you step on the field, football’s football – A quote by Michael Strahan.

I feel like this must be the quote that echoes in the minds of Wigan Athletic Club team.

Wigan Athletes are also running and sweating on a ground to shape up their fate and to add more pages in the history of Great Manchester. The stadium that is glorifying the England Magnificence is DW Stadium. Measurement of its pitch is 110 x 60 meters(120 yd × 66 yd). The stadium is named after its main sponsor, DW Sports Fitness. The stadium is designed and adorned by Alfred McAlpine.

At present, stadium has the capacity of 25,138(all seated). This celebrated stadium also has a nickname-Latics. The ground was constructed and opened in 1999. Since then, it is driving the future of many and giving notable fame to countless players.


Let’s have a look at some of the facts about this club: –

  • Before the construction and opening of this stadium, Wigan Athletes were spilling the scent of their hard-work on Springfield Park.
  • The stadium was built after 67 years of the establishment of Wigan Athlete Club.
  • 1st friendly match took place on this field marked the inauguration of the stadium. It was a friendly match between Wigan Athletic and Manchester United.
  • The real battle begins from here on – First competitive match was played on 7th August 1999, match between Wigan Athletic and Scunthorpe United. Team blew their trumpet in the first match itself with a 3-0 win.
  • Club owner Dave Whelan had some clashes with Great Manchester Police. This resulted into police announcing the back out from policing the Wigan Athletic matched at the stadium from 2nd Initially, this shook the team and brought the safety concerns in between the team practices and matches. But later, team collected all the spilled beans and finally won the appeal that stated damages from the police.
  • The stadium’s average attendance kept on increasing along with the popularity of the team and club. The stadium saw the record attendance of stadium on 11th May 2008 – a whopping attendance of 25,133, which means only 5 seats remained vacated that day. This was the title-deciding match of the2007–08 Premier League
WIGAN, ENGLAND - Monday, March 8, 2010: Liverpool prepare to take on Wigan Athletic on a newly relaid picth during the Premiership match at the DW Stadium. (Photo by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)
WIGAN, ENGLAND – Monday, March 8, 2010: Liverpool prepare to take on Wigan Athletic on a newly relaid picth during the Premiership match at the DW Stadium. (Photo by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)
  • The areas around the stadium are mostly of urban type. It is situated in the north of Wigan’s Robin Park retail complex in the western suburban areas of Newtown.
  • The stadium has hosted the World Club Challengefor four times, in 2000, between St Helens and the Melbourne Storm in 2011 when Wigan took on George IllawarraDragonsand in 2015 and 2016 when Wigan Warriors hosted the Brisbane Brochos.
  • Rising success on the pitch has been met with increased attendances.

Afootball, battlefield, field or any other sport field can be used to run, but you can’t hide anywhere. You have to face the world once you steps into it!!!

Wigan Athletic Club

Wigan Athletic Club is a football club located in Wigan, England. It was founded in the year 1932 and played at DW Stadium since 1999. It is formerly known by the name The Latics or The Tics. Before their foundation, the club used to play at the Springfield Park. Presently the stadium has the capacity of around 25, 138 members. The committee includes Dave Whelan as a president, David Sharpe as a Chairmen and Gary Caldwell as a Manager. The club team was elected to play Football league in 1978 and participated in Premier League from 2005 to 2013.


The kit is equipment which is worn out by players during the matches. The club provides three types of thepackage also known as soccer uniform or strip. They are as follows: Home colours, Away colours, and third colours. After the Second World War, the club has decided their kit colour which was blue with white stripes. Each soccer uniform had a unique number at the back. Each player used to wear from number 1 to 11 based on their playing position. This concept failed at the professional level where each player was allocated a fixed number according to the duration of a season.

In 1933-34 Wigan Athletic won their first award by finishing up as champions of Cheshire League. Subsequently, in the year 1935-36, they consequently won the Cheshire League title for the third time. Wigan Athletic entered to the Football League in 1950 by giving a defeat to Scunthorpe United and Shrewsbury Town. They won their first title as a Cheshire League back in 1964-65 after returning to the league.WiganAthletic finishes by occupying thesixth position in the first season of the football league. The club was the founding member ofNorthern Premier League in 1968 and has also won the title in 1970-71. The organisation has faced worse time as well which has brought them at the bottom. Even after such a downfall the club kept on fighting and gained a win of FA Cup in premier league which was held in the year 2002.


The club had saw and impressive improvement in the league form. They finished up with the fourth position and also recorded a stand of 17 years till 2002-03. This period proved to be a very remarkable for the WiganAthletic club. From this year to the next five years they played very well until they were put down for the first time in league history.The club’s first Premier League was sold out at JJB Stadium.

Wigan Athletic has an official supporter club also known as Wigan Athletic supporters travel club. The club is a no profit organization which is managed by volunteers. The team used to meet there before their home match just to enjoy and relax. The fans of the club songareyou are my shine, and they often sing hokey cokey, gold and much more which are adopted by Wigan supporters.Till now WiganAthletic had won many cups some of them are FA Cup, Football LeagueTrophy, Fa Trophy, Northern PremierLeague Challenge Cup, Northern Premier league shield and much more.  The club has proved that every story has a dream so does they have. So keep on playing the football.

Glorious History of Wigan Athlete Club

Football is one of those games that has maximum fan following in the world. Many countries across the world have formed Football clubs which trains the football players to represent their countries in big matches. England too has many such Football clubs that foster their players preparing them to give their best during every match played. Wigan Athletic Club is one of the many clubs in England but with a glorious history behind it.

Wigan Athletic Club which was founded in the year 1932 remains one of the best Athletic clubs in England for many decades now. This is the first Athletic club among the many that was existent during that period to be allowed to join the prestigious Football League. Despite the first failure for admission into the Football League, the club exhibited high levels of persistence in becoming a member of the body. It succeeded in becoming the member of Football League after a couple of attempts and played their debut Football league the same year. The team uniform they wore during this memorable match was shorts in Black colour and white and red striped shirts.


The 1933-1934 and 1934-1935 Football seasons saw them in the heights of their glory when they became champions in the Cheshire League matches. Following the same they were selected for the prestigious FA Cup in which they won Carlisle United team which was again a big breakthrough in the Club’s history. The 1935-1936 Football seasons saw Wigan Athletic Club win the Cheshire League matches again along with the Lancashire Junior Cup.

The post second World war period was a testing one for Wigan Athletic Club. However, the club, like a Phoenix bird jumped back to victory through its undaunted efforts and ‘never give up’ attitude. Harry Lyon one of the best players in Wigan Athletic Club helped to win the Cheshire League cup during the 1964-1965 Football seasons by scoring for his team 66 times. Lyon became a valuable player for the Club. He won the FA Cup for his club during the same season despite an injured ankle.

Through its prestigious victories Wigan Athletic Club received a lot of recognition and formed the Northern Premier League in the year 1968. The club went on to win the League title during the 1970-1971 season. The FA Trophy won by them during the 1973 final match was their first big match in the most prestigious Wembley Stadium in Scarborough.


Ever since the beginning of the 21st century, Wigan Athletic Club has been marching forward with many wins against its key rivals. The hundreds of matches it has played in the past decade has fetched tremendous fan following to the club. The heights of support the club has been receiving during every match it plays makes the opponents terrified due to the effect of the support levels on their mental stature.

Wigan Athletic Club has fought its way to glory tirelessly despite the many setbacks it has been confronting during every stage of it growth. It stands tall among the many other clubs which failed to make it to such high levels.

Wigan Athletic Fan Club

Wigan Athletic Fan Club is an affiliated unit of Wigan Athletic Football Club. The club was founded in the year 1932 and since then it has established as a huge name in the non-league football. Wigan Athletic was the fifth endeavour to establish a solid football club in the society following the death of Wigan united, Wigan country, Wigan town, and Wigan Borough. They won their first award in 1933-34 seasons and got the title as champions of the Cheshire league. In that season only the club had also won the second league championship and made a path to the FA club for the first time. Soon after the Second World War they made their dress design which was blue in colour with white stripes. In the year 1935-36, they won the third consecutive Cheshire league title and Lancashire junior cup.


A team name Latice is the official junior supporters club of the Wigan athletic which is also looking for the supporters of the future.  The team members used to meet up in their pre-match club before every Wigan Athletic home game. There they used to play lots of games and enjoy to fullest building themselves for the big match.

From years to years they have faced and enjoyed both the sided of life: won titles and lost some leagues. In 1982 the former latice player and Larry Lloyd helped the club to gain promotion and moved to the third division. At this position, the club has stayed till 1993 and after that, they had fallen to the bottom tier. The rise from the fourth division to the premier league was an exemplary unique because of the arrival of David Whelan, a local businessman. With his efforts, the club has gained an impressive hike in the leagues. He purchased the athletic club in 1960 in around £400,000 and has also invested some amount in his own hometown club. He has forecasted that one-day Wigan athletic club will enter in the premier league football. He has always remained the outspoken person businessman in Wigan athletic club.

Wigan Athletic fan club is also running a supporter club from last 30 years. This club is a non-profit company which helps to keep the costing of the travelling low for the away games without compromising for security, safety and comfort. Wigan Athletic Supporters club is the voice of Wigan Athletic fans. In the last season, there were 1300 members and each year they are getting some hike in the membership. When a user becomes a member here he used to get a membership card with their own name printed. With this membership card, they can get a pass for supporter bar. They can also use this card for booking and travel on supporter club coaches.

Leeds United striker, Chris Wood (9) scores a penalty during the Sky Bet Championship match between Preston North End and Leeds United at Deepdale, Preston, England on 7 May 2016. Photo by Pete Burns.

The club has frequently ignored the critics and odds to maintain the position in top 10 and has also served as the ninth team in the area. Recently the club has wonFA cup in 2012-13. They had also won league one, league two and Football league trophy two times along with a number of regional competitions. The club has proved that its story it’s something like a fairy tale with few ups and downs in modern football.

Major Wins of Wigan Athlete Club

“Playing Football with your feet is one thing, but playing football with your heart is another…”

Wigan Athletic Football Club is a business like association football club. This organisation is based in Wigan, Greater Manchester, England. It was founded 84 years ago – in 1932.

‘Yesterday I dared to struggle. Today I dare to Win’. I guess this must be the jingle that the soul of Wigan club crooning each day.


Track record of their triumphs is amazingly extensive.

  • This club was able to winits first credit in 1933-34 seasons. The team came out with a glistening win and emerged as the champions of the Cheshire League.
  • In the same season, they conquered the second championship as well by defeating the Carlisle Unite with score board of 6-1 in the first round. This 6-1 holds the record for the largestwin by a non-league club against a league club. Thus made their smooth route to the FA Cup.
  • Again wheel rotates in their favour. Their zeal and ebullience made this club the third successive winner of the the Lancashire Junior Cup and Cheshire League.
  • The team not only showed their sportsmanship on the field but also outside also they were struggling hard to get elected into Football League. They made several ventures to get into this but disappointed on all their attempts until 1978. The count of failed election attempts reached to 34 by that time. But at last, they made their way in 1978.
  • After 2nd world war, the team had to face many dismays. They had to wait till 196-65 season to pierce their long-awaited victory. They became winners of Cheshire League. This victory proved a noteworthy remark in the ride of this club, as it gave extensive publicity and fan following to the club’s top goalscorer – Harry Lyon. Lyon contributed to this victory by registering Thus got the caption of ‘WiganAthletic’s all-time leading goalscorer’.
  • In the same season, Wigan’s Lion – Harry Lyon was stretchered off after his ankle ligaments got torn. But as Kings don’t give up that easily, so did he. This lion returned to the field with a roar but with a heavily strapped ankle too. Defeating the opposing team by 3-1, Lyon also went on to score a hat-trick.


  • 1970-71 = Geoff Davies of this club emerges as the title-holder by scoring a total of 42 goals and seven hat-tricks. And thus ending up getting a grip on the league title.
  • 1995 = A local millionaire – Dave Whelan acquires this club in Feb 1995. The following year Wigan Athletic became Division Three champions on the last day of the season, Graeme Jones scoring a club record 31 league goals in the process.
  • 2002-2003 = The club won the Division Two championship in 2002–03 with a points total of 100 and ten consecutive wins along the way. The club lost only four times all season. Thus this club secured furtherance to the second tier of the English Football League.
  • 2013 FA Cup Final = Wigan Athletic capitulate one of the biggest victory for their club here. It was a match between Wigan Athletics and Manchester City. First FA Cup final for the former team and 10th for the later one. But Wigan kicked off their opponent in this neck-to-neck match and blew everyone’s mind with a jerk! Also swiped off a large amount of £1.8 million as FA Cup winners.

There is a lot more that can be added to this list of achievements. But here giving rest to my words by capturing the great and unforgettable victories of this legend club. This astonishing club gives an impelling message that – “Winners aren’t the people who never fail, but people who never give up.”

Performance of Wigan Athletic Club in league

Greater Manchester, England was really looking forward to construct a steadyclub of football in the same town, after 4 of their attempts already expired poorly.Wigan Borough, Wigan Town, Wigan United and Wigan Country are these four miscarriages. Then Wigan Athletic came into frame and came out as the watershed in the history of Greater Manchester.


  • The first league game was played against Port Vale Reserves on 27th August, 1932. But the team saw the glimpse of their first victory in 1933-34 seasons. This made them the titleholder of Cheshire League
  • The same season they played gloriously against Carlisle United, and won by 6-1 in the first round itself. With this, they swiped off the title of second league championship, plusqualified forthe FA cup to begin another chapter! Also this 6-1 score in the initial round is a recordlargestwin by a non-league club against a league club, in the cup.
  • 1935-36 was again belonged to them and the title for third successiveCheshire League fell into their kitty. Also they gripped the Lancashire Junior Cup the same season as well.
  • Few very low chapters also were written on the pages of this legend club. Phase started post World War II! The club ended up at the lastin the league in 1946-47.
  • In 1953-54, though Wigan played a match in the FA Cup to face a record crowd – 27526, which was also an attainment in itself. But the team couldn’t get the winning notch in this.
  • After a long silence, team roared their victory in 1964-65. They won their openingtitle of Cheshire League afterits return in the league. In this league, byregistering 66 goals, Harry Lyon actually clutched over the winning flag. He even clung over the title of club’s best goalscorer ever.
  • 1966-67 can be counted as one of the awe-inspiring season for the club, as the team bagged 4 cup titles in it. Also they became the runners-up in the Cheshire County League in the same season
  • Geoff Davies emerged as the new hero for Wigan, who scored 42 goals which also includes 7 hattricks in 1970-71 seasons. In 71-72 year also, he registered 28 goals.


  • In 77-78 seasons, the team finished as runner up against Boston United.With the dismal of manager Ian McNeill, the team suffered a big blow in 80-81 seasons. Team faced many defeats during this struggling era.
  • 85-86 proved as an improving chapter for team’s form. The fourth-place finishes of the 1985–86 and 1986–87 seasons proved to be the high points of WiganAthletic’s first stint in Division 3.
  • The team mainly saw their rise after 1995. Team showed splendid improvement under the lead of their new owner – Dave Whelan.Wigan Athletic capitulate one of the biggest victory for their club in 2013 FA Cup Final. A match between Wigan Athletics and Manchester City, which was the first FA Cup final for the former team and 10th for the later one. But Wigan kicked off their opponent in this neck-to-neck match and blew everyone’s mind with a jerk! Also swiped off a whopping amount of £1.8 million as FA Cup winners.

The Stars of Wigan Athletic Club

Wigan Athletic Club is basically a professional club for football. It is based in Wigan (Manchester) in the United Kingdom. The teams are supposed to compete in the championship. The club was founded in the year 1932 and its members have been playing in DW stadium since the year 1999. The team of the club was elected to play in the Football League and it competed with the teams from the premium league. The team of Wigan Athletic Club won the FA cup in the matches from 2012 to 2013. They have won the Football League Trophy about two to three times and the League One and League Two matches as well. The first European campaign was embarked by the club during the Europa League of 2013 to 2014.

The players of Wigan Athletic Club are literally the stars who play the game excellently and win different tournaments. Brief information about some of the Stars of wigan athletic club has been givem below:


Jordan Flores:

He was born in the year 1995, too young though. He was one of the representatives of the Under 18 team of the club and he did this job for two years. He also gave very impressive and outstanding performances Development Squad. He also has featured in 3 of the Latics’ (in the year 2015-16) against Partick Thistle, Altrincham and Southport. A great number of fans of Lactics helped Flores to get fame and start playing in the team of the club professionally. He has earned a great name due to his out-class abilities to play the game.

Adam Bogdan:

He is also a professional player and plays for the Wigan Club as a goalkeeper. In the year 2011,  Adam made the senior international debut. He made seven appearances in the season of 2010-2011, forty one appearances in the season of 2012-2013, thirteen appearances in 2014-2015’s season and six appearances in the 2015-16 campaign. He is just twenty eight years old and he got capped almost twenty times by Hungary.

Jake Buxton:

He made one hundred and fifty eight appearances at total during his stay at iPro Stadium for the seven years. Out of 158, 52 appearances came in the season of 2013-14. He professionally started his career by first joining the local team of Mansfield Town, but now he is a great player and is one of the stars of Wigan athletic club.


David Perkins:

He plays as a midfielder. Initially he also started his career by joining a local team of club Morecambe in the year 2000. One of his biggest achievements is that he scored 6 goals in the first season he played in forty three appearances.

There are lots of other players of Wigan athletic club who play very well and have lots of fans in different countries of the world. They include the names of Max Power, Alex Gilbey, Will Grigg, Jordi Gomez, Shaun McDonald, Micheal Jacobs, Dan Burn, etc. The profiles of all these players can be checked in detail to know about their career and all.

Woman Participation In Wigan Athletic Club

“I did everything he did, but in HIGH HEELS”

Thisis a galvanizing line that can give you a trailer of power of a woman. The same power and energy can now be seen on the different sport fields as well. Their determination can give you goose bumps.

Wigan Athlete Club is having power-puff ladies in WiganLatics Ladies F.C.It was composed so that Women power of Wigan can also step on to the field. This Club was actually formed by Florence Mather. Her main purpose behind this was her daughter Michelle. She wanted her to play and be a part of competitive ladies football.

This daring darling daughter of Florence was actually born to live into this world. Her inclination towards football was something that can’t be furl into words. She started playing from the age of 7 in Wigan Junior Latics. But this was a mixed team, so after crossing her 10 she was asked to leave the team as per the league regulations from mixing of boys and girls. She started attending once in a week day coaching at a Soccer Club at Rose Bridge High School. Here this Iron-girl’s mom met Karen Platt . Here they decided to make a way for Wigan girls to reach their football destiny.



After month of long haul, the team “Wigan Girls” was established. Three teams were formed under this: – Under 12, Under 14 and Under 16 teams. Then to be a part of this football and league race, all the 3 teams under “Wigan Girls” were promoted to the maximum extent by doing mass advertisement and by spreading awareness door-to-door. Now they are counted among the triumphant teams Future looking even more bright and glorious for “Wigan Athletic Ladies”.

Wigan Athletic Ladies Football Club was formed in 1999. Presently it is taking all the girls and ladies under 9s till the open age. They are competing with Bolton Wanderers, Preston North End and Burnley to name just a few.

This Ladies Football club acted as the catalyst for change. In England, there are a vast number of coaches – including 35,000 qualified females, and volunteers who sacrificed or even still devoting their time and efforts to provide females of all ages with training and playing opportunities. These unsung heroes have been the spinal column of the women’s game for a number of years. Previously, girls had to join boys clubs in order to get the significant football coaching, due to lack of girls football clubs in England. But the efforts finally paid off and resulted in football becoming the largest female team sport in the country.



Below is the record that shouldn’t be missed by anyone: –

  • Football is the No1 female team sport in England
  • England’s world ranking is 6 in Female football team
  • 96 Teams in The FA Women’s Premier League
  • 927 Qualified female referees
  • 8,000 Young football fans attended FA Girls’ Football Festivals and Fanzones
  • 45,619 is the Record crowd at an England Women’s match
  • 3m = Number of TV viewers for the 2014 FA Women’s Cup Final between Arsenal and Everton.