Glorious History of Wigan Athlete Club

Football is one of those games that has maximum fan following in the world. Many countries across the world have formed Football clubs which trains the football players to represent their countries in big matches. England too has many such Football clubs that foster their players preparing them to give their best during every match played. Wigan Athletic Club is one of the many clubs in England but with a glorious history behind it.

Wigan Athletic Club which was founded in the year 1932 remains one of the best Athletic clubs in England for many decades now. This is the first Athletic club among the many that was existent during that period to be allowed to join the prestigious Football League. Despite the first failure for admission into the Football League, the club exhibited high levels of persistence in becoming a member of the body. It succeeded in becoming the member of Football League after a couple of attempts and played their debut Football league the same year. The team uniform they wore during this memorable match was shorts in Black colour and white and red striped shirts.


The 1933-1934 and 1934-1935 Football seasons saw them in the heights of their glory when they became champions in the Cheshire League matches. Following the same they were selected for the prestigious FA Cup in which they won Carlisle United team which was again a big breakthrough in the Club’s history. The 1935-1936 Football seasons saw Wigan Athletic Club win the Cheshire League matches again along with the Lancashire Junior Cup.

The post second World war period was a testing one for Wigan Athletic Club. However, the club, like a Phoenix bird jumped back to victory through its undaunted efforts and ‘never give up’ attitude. Harry Lyon one of the best players in Wigan Athletic Club helped to win the Cheshire League cup during the 1964-1965 Football seasons by scoring for his team 66 times. Lyon became a valuable player for the Club. He won the FA Cup for his club during the same season despite an injured ankle.

Through its prestigious victories Wigan Athletic Club received a lot of recognition and formed the Northern Premier League in the year 1968. The club went on to win the League title during the 1970-1971 season. The FA Trophy won by them during the 1973 final match was their first big match in the most prestigious Wembley Stadium in Scarborough.


Ever since the beginning of the 21st century, Wigan Athletic Club has been marching forward with many wins against its key rivals. The hundreds of matches it has played in the past decade has fetched tremendous fan following to the club. The heights of support the club has been receiving during every match it plays makes the opponents terrified due to the effect of the support levels on their mental stature.

Wigan Athletic Club has fought its way to glory tirelessly despite the many setbacks it has been confronting during every stage of it growth. It stands tall among the many other clubs which failed to make it to such high levels.


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