Major Wins of Wigan Athlete Club

“Playing Football with your feet is one thing, but playing football with your heart is another…”

Wigan Athletic Football Club is a business like association football club. This organisation is based in Wigan, Greater Manchester, England. It was founded 84 years ago – in 1932.

‘Yesterday I dared to struggle. Today I dare to Win’. I guess this must be the jingle that the soul of Wigan club crooning each day.


Track record of their triumphs is amazingly extensive.

  • This club was able to winits first credit in 1933-34 seasons. The team came out with a glistening win and emerged as the champions of the Cheshire League.
  • In the same season, they conquered the second championship as well by defeating the Carlisle Unite with score board of 6-1 in the first round. This 6-1 holds the record for the largestwin by a non-league club against a league club. Thus made their smooth route to the FA Cup.
  • Again wheel rotates in their favour. Their zeal and ebullience made this club the third successive winner of the the Lancashire Junior Cup and Cheshire League.
  • The team not only showed their sportsmanship on the field but also outside also they were struggling hard to get elected into Football League. They made several ventures to get into this but disappointed on all their attempts until 1978. The count of failed election attempts reached to 34 by that time. But at last, they made their way in 1978.
  • After 2nd world war, the team had to face many dismays. They had to wait till 196-65 season to pierce their long-awaited victory. They became winners of Cheshire League. This victory proved a noteworthy remark in the ride of this club, as it gave extensive publicity and fan following to the club’s top goalscorer – Harry Lyon. Lyon contributed to this victory by registering Thus got the caption of ‘WiganAthletic’s all-time leading goalscorer’.
  • In the same season, Wigan’s Lion – Harry Lyon was stretchered off after his ankle ligaments got torn. But as Kings don’t give up that easily, so did he. This lion returned to the field with a roar but with a heavily strapped ankle too. Defeating the opposing team by 3-1, Lyon also went on to score a hat-trick.


  • 1970-71 = Geoff Davies of this club emerges as the title-holder by scoring a total of 42 goals and seven hat-tricks. And thus ending up getting a grip on the league title.
  • 1995 = A local millionaire – Dave Whelan acquires this club in Feb 1995. The following year Wigan Athletic became Division Three champions on the last day of the season, Graeme Jones scoring a club record 31 league goals in the process.
  • 2002-2003 = The club won the Division Two championship in 2002–03 with a points total of 100 and ten consecutive wins along the way. The club lost only four times all season. Thus this club secured furtherance to the second tier of the English Football League.
  • 2013 FA Cup Final = Wigan Athletic capitulate one of the biggest victory for their club here. It was a match between Wigan Athletics and Manchester City. First FA Cup final for the former team and 10th for the later one. But Wigan kicked off their opponent in this neck-to-neck match and blew everyone’s mind with a jerk! Also swiped off a large amount of £1.8 million as FA Cup winners.

There is a lot more that can be added to this list of achievements. But here giving rest to my words by capturing the great and unforgettable victories of this legend club. This astonishing club gives an impelling message that – “Winners aren’t the people who never fail, but people who never give up.”


Hey there! Football is one of the trending sports that has reached the heights of fame in a very small time period. There are a lot of associations present that are providing opportunities for football players out there as well as to provide a good quality entertainment to the football fans. Mostly, northern parts of America,