Woman Participation In Wigan Athletic Club

“I did everything he did, but in HIGH HEELS”

Thisis a galvanizing line that can give you a trailer of power of a woman. The same power and energy can now be seen on the different sport fields as well. Their determination can give you goose bumps.

Wigan Athlete Club is having power-puff ladies in WiganLatics Ladies F.C.It was composed so that Women power of Wigan can also step on to the field. This Club was actually formed by Florence Mather. Her main purpose behind this was her daughter Michelle. She wanted her to play and be a part of competitive ladies football.

This daring darling daughter of Florence was actually born to live into this world. Her inclination towards football was something that can’t be furl into words. She started playing from the age of 7 in Wigan Junior Latics. But this was a mixed team, so after crossing her 10 she was asked to leave the team as per the league regulations from mixing of boys and girls. She started attending once in a week day coaching at a Soccer Club at Rose Bridge High School. Here this Iron-girl’s mom met Karen Platt . Here they decided to make a way for Wigan girls to reach their football destiny.



After month of long haul, the team “Wigan Girls” was established. Three teams were formed under this: – Under 12, Under 14 and Under 16 teams. Then to be a part of this football and league race, all the 3 teams under “Wigan Girls” were promoted to the maximum extent by doing mass advertisement and by spreading awareness door-to-door. Now they are counted among the triumphant teams Future looking even more bright and glorious for “Wigan Athletic Ladies”.

Wigan Athletic Ladies Football Club was formed in 1999. Presently it is taking all the girls and ladies under 9s till the open age. They are competing with Bolton Wanderers, Preston North End and Burnley to name just a few.

This Ladies Football club acted as the catalyst for change. In England, there are a vast number of coaches – including 35,000 qualified females, and volunteers who sacrificed or even still devoting their time and efforts to provide females of all ages with training and playing opportunities. These unsung heroes have been the spinal column of the women’s game for a number of years. Previously, girls had to join boys clubs in order to get the significant football coaching, due to lack of girls football clubs in England. But the efforts finally paid off and resulted in football becoming the largest female team sport in the country.



Below is the record that shouldn’t be missed by anyone: –

  • Football is the No1 female team sport in England
  • England’s world ranking is 6 in Female football team
  • 96 Teams in The FA Women’s Premier League
  • 927 Qualified female referees
  • 8,000 Young football fans attended FA Girls’ Football Festivals and Fanzones
  • 45,619 is the Record crowd at an England Women’s match
  • 3m = Number of TV viewers for the 2014 FA Women’s Cup Final between Arsenal and Everton.

Hey there! Football is one of the trending sports that has reached the heights of fame in a very small time period. There are a lot of associations present that are providing opportunities for football players out there as well as to provide a good quality entertainment to the football fans. Mostly, northern parts of America,