Performance of Wigan Athletic Club in league

Greater Manchester, England was really looking forward to construct a steadyclub of football in the same town, after 4 of their attempts already expired poorly.Wigan Borough, Wigan Town, Wigan United and Wigan Country are these four miscarriages. Then Wigan Athletic came into frame and came out as the watershed in the history of Greater Manchester.


  • The first league game was played against Port Vale Reserves on 27th August, 1932. But the team saw the glimpse of their first victory in 1933-34 seasons. This made them the titleholder of Cheshire League
  • The same season they played gloriously against Carlisle United, and won by 6-1 in the first round itself. With this, they swiped off the title of second league championship, plusqualified forthe FA cup to begin another chapter! Also this 6-1 score in the initial round is a recordlargestwin by a non-league club against a league club, in the cup.
  • 1935-36 was again belonged to them and the title for third successiveCheshire League fell into their kitty. Also they gripped the Lancashire Junior Cup the same season as well.
  • Few very low chapters also were written on the pages of this legend club. Phase started post World War II! The club ended up at the lastin the league in 1946-47.
  • In 1953-54, though Wigan played a match in the FA Cup to face a record crowd – 27526, which was also an attainment in itself. But the team couldn’t get the winning notch in this.
  • After a long silence, team roared their victory in 1964-65. They won their openingtitle of Cheshire League afterits return in the league. In this league, byregistering 66 goals, Harry Lyon actually clutched over the winning flag. He even clung over the title of club’s best goalscorer ever.
  • 1966-67 can be counted as one of the awe-inspiring season for the club, as the team bagged 4 cup titles in it. Also they became the runners-up in the Cheshire County League in the same season
  • Geoff Davies emerged as the new hero for Wigan, who scored 42 goals which also includes 7 hattricks in 1970-71 seasons. In 71-72 year also, he registered 28 goals.


  • In 77-78 seasons, the team finished as runner up against Boston United.With the dismal of manager Ian McNeill, the team suffered a big blow in 80-81 seasons. Team faced many defeats during this struggling era.
  • 85-86 proved as an improving chapter for team’s form. The fourth-place finishes of the 1985–86 and 1986–87 seasons proved to be the high points of WiganAthletic’s first stint in Division 3.
  • The team mainly saw their rise after 1995. Team showed splendid improvement under the lead of their new owner – Dave Whelan.Wigan Athletic capitulate one of the biggest victory for their club in 2013 FA Cup Final. A match between Wigan Athletics and Manchester City, which was the first FA Cup final for the former team and 10th for the later one. But Wigan kicked off their opponent in this neck-to-neck match and blew everyone’s mind with a jerk! Also swiped off a whopping amount of £1.8 million as FA Cup winners.

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